Phir Ek Baar

By on February 24, 2018

It’s a love story with a difference.. Sumit and Shamta are married since 7 years and have lost the magic and they meet Ria and Rahul respectively and their life goes for a roller-coaster ride.
It’s a love story with a difference. Sumit and Shamta are in early 30 s’ and are married since 7 years… They had fallen in love during their youthful days. But over the years they lost the magic of their relationship as for them it became mundane and monotonous. Sumit meets Ria in his office. She is sweet, caring, happening and friendly and beautiful. She reminds him of younger Shamta. Shamta meets Rahul his new neighbor who is caring, nice and very humble. He reminds her of younger Sumit. Then starts the roller-coaster of their life. During which Ria and Rahul starts getting closer to Shamta and Sumit and begins to fall in love with them. They get freshness in life of Shamta and Sumit. But it soon makes Sumit and Shamta realize that they actually love each other and its sweet realization.

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