Love* Conditions Apply

By on September 21, 2019

Life = Convenience Humans = Material Things Relationships = Transactional Unconditionality = Does not exist – Every normal human seeks something from the other and it is based on needs, wants and desires. The transactional give and take is given the name of Love which the protagonist in the film doesn’t approve and thinks of the world as hypocritical. The film revolves around 3 characters – Ichha, Manav and Trisha. All of them seek something from the other and the world in terms of success, fame, intimacy, love etc., Ichha represents an independent, conscious and rebellious self-defying all norms of the world, while Manav is a regular conformist man with his romanticised, populistic thoughts and desires. Trisha is happy-go-lucky being the dependent and docile one.

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