• Cake Bite

    Marriage of Rahul and Neha is at the brink of divorce. While Raj and...

    • Posted March 4, 2018
  • Phir Ek Baar

    It’s a love story with a difference.. Sumit and Shamta are married since 7...

    • Posted February 24, 2018
  • Queen Of Hearts

    The Valentine Special short film produced by Connect.1 features veteran actors Darshan Jariwala and...

    • Posted February 24, 2018
  • Jutti

    If you are destined to find love, then you will find it at the...

    • Posted February 24, 2018
  • Warning

    The short film shows how a wife outsmarts her husband from tricking him getting...

    • Posted February 15, 2018
  • One Fine Night

    Love will test you in the most unexpected moments, and you won’t see it...

    • Posted February 15, 2018
  • Humsafar

    There are times when love comes a full circle and soul mates reunite!

    • Posted February 15, 2018
  • It Happened THAT NIGHT

    What happens, when we are brought face to face…with our one true love… A...

    • Posted February 10, 2018
  • Eligible Bachelorette

    A young woman’s journey to find a perfect life partner. In search of her...

    • Posted February 10, 2018
  • Alvida

    Break-ups can be hard, but sometimes they are necessary. Sometimes, you need all your...

    • Posted February 10, 2018